We help business owners increase their profit, growth and value.
    We help you build and follow a practical Strategic Plan and we keep you focused

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    Can you afford a CFO for your Business?
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  • The Small Business Growth Programme

    A course designed for Sole Traders and Small Businesses who want to complete the programme in a group setting – its all about education

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Well, you have come to the right place
We will take you on a journey to ensure that you are getting the most from your business

Growing your business is our Passion

Ever feel, that your business is not getting anywhere?  You know you are the lowest paid person in your business and yet you take all the risk?  You employ people, that are only there because they have nothing els to do between the hours on 9 to 5?

Your Not alone!!!!!! Many Business Owners have difficulty in running their Business in a way that maximises profits while still achieving a good work-life balance.

This does not mean that they do not have great technical skills, but they probably struggle with some basic business stuff

We spend every day with business owner who feel alone and isolated with no one to turn to who can give objective and constructive advice

What does your business look like?

Many business people probably do not even know they need help!

To get your business to grow you need focus and only when it grows can you kick back and reap the rewards

Give us a call and we’ll carry out a full business review, focusing on the following key areas:

Focus Areas

  • What you sell and for how much
  • Keeping the costs down
  • Productivity
  • Getting the best from your people
  • People who owe you money
  • Keeping track of what you are selling
  • Selling and telling people what you sell
  • Growing your business

You feel like the WORKER in your Business


You feel like the OWNER in your Business


You feel like the DIRECTOR in your Business

About us

We work with business every day, it does not matter what type of business, or where it is in its Life-Cycle:  start-up, growing or mature

Our company is measured by the successes of our clients.  We want you to achieve, so we work with you to increase your profit, growth and value of your business.

Do you need help?

Our People have a great deal of experience having worked across a multitude of business types in many industries in Australia and internationally.

Using our “Business Success Programme” we are able to help you grow your business using tools, structure and processes, producing definable results.

“We continue to meet regularly our Business Success Partner and we have expanded our profitable product offerings based on our discussions.  We have had a 30% uplift in turnover in the last 12 months- with a corresponding growth in Net profit as well as providing a healthy income for ourselves.”

Mega Games

“The Business Diagnostic showed our Income Potential figure to be $210k. We decided to start with the Business Success Programme even though we made a loss of $148k in the last financial year. We agreed on a strategy to increase our production and by 31 March 2013 we will have turned a $148k loss into an $80k profit”


“We are in a very competitive market where our customers are struggling and can’t afford more. Our Business Success Partner introduced us to pricing strategies that we hadn’t considered that resulted in us netting an additional $8,000 per month in profits”