The Art of War – 0. Introduction

The Art of War

0. – Introduction


“The Art of War” is the most famous ancient Chinese military treaties among all Chinese classical books. Especially in business and military world.

The book was written during the “Spring and Autumn Period” (771~476 BC) by the military strategist “Sun Tzu”. Since then, it has been reviewed and revised many times through history, later translated and published all over the world. In this series, we will adapt the first and probably most read annotated English version translated by British Sinologist, writer and philosopher: Lionel Giles (1910) for direct quote of the book, combined with more modern conception and understanding from other great authors and myself.

There is a common quote around Chinese businessman: “The field of doing business is just like the field of war.” It is not rare to apply strategy from “The Art of War” to business. The records can trace back to “Warring State” period (475~221 BC). Chinese businessman “BaiGue” has applied the philosophy to managing production. However, who really makes the book what it is today are Japanese. At 60’s, Japanese businessman started to apply “The Art of War” to business management, the most famous example is “Matsushita Kōnosuke”, founder of “Panasonic”, also known as “the god of management” in Japan. He said, learning from “The Art of War”, not only made my business success, I also learn principals on how to live as a person in this world. He specifically marked it as a book required to read for all his senior manager.

In this The Art of War series, I will bring you one Topic at a time for each post, it will consist of a direct quote from the book and an explanation and application for modern business. Hope you will enjoy it like I do!


Written by Conrad (Kang-Wei) Lin | 林剛維, 29/10/2018

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