LARRY BENSON is the Thexton Dodd Consulting’s Bookkeeper.  With 40+ years of experience, a degree in Business Management with an Accounting major, backed by experience consulting for a major motor company and for Quality Assurance certification, means he understands exactly what small business needs to be able to provide as the vehicle to deliver owner expectation of money, time and lifestyle.
Too many business owners do not understand what can be achieved, because it is beyond their knowledge. They are good, great, or brilliant even at their chosen field and unfortunately struggle not realizing that there are experts who are as good, great, or brilliant at their chosen field which is making businesses of all sizes reach a potential, which is beyond their current horizon. Larry Benson is one of these.

Larry has wide experience in the motor industry with Toyota who train their staff constantly to be the best they can be. Following this experience, he worked in numerous dealerships in accounting, administration and fixed operations roles which led to a wide understanding of all aspects of business which he then translated to other industries

Larry has a passion for making businesses work the best they can to deliver to business owners the means they need to meet their dreams. He also believes owning your own business should be a joy. If it is not then why repeating the same thing to get the same results? With the tools available from Thexton Armstrong backed by his experience, he believes that while business is in many ways serious, he has the means to make business the dream the business owner started with back when, and enjoy achieving it.