Noel immigrated from Cape Town, South Africa 12 years ago to Brisbane Australia. He is married to Leanne who is an Australian for 23 yrs and has 2 children, Tayla and Zach , who are adults. Noel enjoys spending most of his spare time with his family and visits his extended family in South Africa regularly.

Noel currently is a BforB network Franchisee and helps business to build long lasting business relationships, generate qualified referrals and improve their networking skills. This compliments his business consulting position as an associate of Thexton Dodd, where Noel helps businesses owners to succeed, improve their profit and value of their business by working with a plan to plug the profit leakage and improving the 11 main key drivers of your business.

Noels career and business background:

  • Completed 2 yrs army in South Africa immediately after finishing matric in 1984 until 1986.
  • Worked as training manager in retail food store.
  • Sold property and time share for 6 months but left as was interested in financial services.
  • Was a Sales manager at 23 yrs old for 3 yrs and managed 50 advisors.
  • Sold Life Insurance, Investments and Super for the largest Life Insurance company In South Africa for 5 yrs.
  • Was a Director of a Financial planning Company for 5 yrs business and managed 30 advisors
  • Tried something different and sold copier machines, and unlisted shares for Abalone farming
  • Managed a Business who specialised in grants and business plans with 20 sales consultants
  • He has worked for many major banks in Australia like CBA, Nab and Suncorp as a Financial Planner, including running his own Financial Planning firm in Australia.
  • Has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 30 yrs
  • Is a Franchisee for BforB networking.

Noel’s education:

  • Completed SMSF – Kaplan                  
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning – Kaplan
  • Diploma of Financial Planning – FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australia)
  • Financial Advisory Certified as Financial Planner in South Africa.    UNISA