Ursula de Jager

Associate – Central America

The secret to good business is to stop making excuses, roll up your sleeves and get to it!  Ursula Marais

Born in Cape Town South Africa Ursula started her working career in a dental practice where with night study and many courses she soon became manager of the practice for a large group of dentists where she turned their old-fashioned systems into modern computerised record and accounting systems.

Ursula was appointed the general manager of a very well to do health hydro and spa that catered to stressed high ranking business, political, famous and international clients.  This experience taught Ursula the complexities of a small business and the nature of first class hospitality.

Ursula left South Africa when she was offered the position of developing and managing a tropical paradise on an island in West Africa for a very wealthy diamond miner.  Developing a resort on an island and building up the brand and the business with daily difficulties of logistics, staffing, lack of infrastructure and the complexities of life so far away from civilization taught Ursula the need to be self-sufficient, organized and practical leader.  She spent 7 years working in West Africa.

Ursula and her husband were headhunted to Panama by a world-renowned sport fishing resort where she was initially managed the resort until  appointed CEO of the business.

Ursula then set up her own business focusing on Renovation, Fit-out and Construction Projects which included a $200,000,000 Casino project.  The business successfully grew 300% within a few years by capitalising on the tremendous growth in the region.  The business owed its success to management improvement strategies that included aggressive sales and marketing campaigns.

Located in Panama City, Panama Ursula has had success in the development of high end resorts, an international school and an international casino of world class fame.  She is now an associate in the Thexton Dodd Consulting firm heading up the Central American region.

Ursula´s skills include:

  • The ability to create a practical business vision and end goal
  • Leadership confidence, honesty and friendly distance.
  • Excellent management methodologies that enable her to bring out the best of each employee
  • Strong communication skills
  • A great delegator and a master at bringing others to achieve your goals
  • Confidence, commitment, positive attitude and hard work
  • The ability to analyse financial reports and create strategies focused on results
  • Brand development and management
  • Business strategies